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-Drawing in realism-

Hey there! It has been like what- over 2 months since I have last posted?! wow! I am so sorry, I even said in my last post I would post more. I find it hard to be consistent with posting, its been hard and the posts have been just random. I will try to be at least a little consistent…maybe I will make it a goal to post twice a month instead of just disappearing! I am pretty active on my youtube so if you want to catch up; go check out my Pigwit Illustrates channel!

Anyways, besides all of that boring stuff- let me show you some artwork I did today!

I begin this drawing by a simple sketch on my watercolor paper (yes I’ll be using watercolors!) 

Then its time for the painting process!! I start always by painting the skin in blues, reds, yellows… just enough subtle shading. I worked on the hair next and I decided to go with a strawberry blonde color. I painted her eyes blue and filled in her eyebrows. I painted the background in with a greenish blue color so it brings out her eyes, I add a little more details and then the 2nd layer is done!

and ta-da! I am done! I finish it by shading and adding details with my Prismacolor pencils and white  gel pen. 

Hope you enjoyed this short post and I will see you soon! 

-Pigwit Illustrates

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It’s been a while…

Hey there! It’s been almost a MONTH since I last posted… wow! That’s a lot of weeks without posting, so sorry! Things have been very stressful and busy so it’s always hard to make time for a post.

I thought I would show you updates on my style, and a little sketchbook tour ✏️

My style has been changing and I have really been experimenting with my style; that’s a little to the reason why I have been gone so long.


I have been working on a character design, but I am still working on it and the sketches right now aren’t the best, but I’ll show you more progress in the later days!

6AC1EE3C-88E6-4A07-81B2-3575923F92E2I tried drawing feet…. they aren’t bad! Kinda cute in my style, I like them!

7A2B5CD0-B27D-4DC5-ABCA-A73E4955C42BTest painting of challenging myself to use 3 markers…. it’s a very teeny sketch!


Here I am designing more characters and using colored pencils. Practice, practice and practice!


I drew this elderly man who was riding a bike, he had a lot of character and was fun to draw.

8886CC78-870F-43DB-9A9D-370A9BC754C7 Then in these sketches I am using my most favorite supplies at the moment!

Thanks for reading and I will try to make posts more frequently. There is no acceptions, because I don’t always have time to make posts, they do take awhile to get ideas. (This post was pretty easy to write cause it was full of updates)

thanks for reading, and I will try to post more!


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Updates+it’s been awhile! (and doodles)

Hey guys! 👋🏼 it has been awhile…. what, has it been around a week since I’ve last posted? Gosh, my apologies! I told you all I would post on Wednesday, but I just have gotten so overwhelmed and busy. Sometimes I feel discouraged from posts on here, not many people view it as much or like it very much…Oh well, guess I can’t please everyone, haha.

Today I wanted to show you some updates and new sketches!


This sketch, I did in my new Midori sketchbook. Oh man, if you haven’t tried Midori paper yet… you have to! It’s so amazing. I had fun doing these little doodles and working on different characters. Oh, yes, and the color pink and purple have gotten a lot of attention in this piece!


In this sketch, I was trying to draw “who I see in public” I don’t ever do this, but when I went out to the store and tried to paint them as characters in my sketchbook. It was pretty fun, especially because these sketches were taken from real life; not just a picture from my phone.


I finally got a designated place for my paintbrushes 🖌!  I got this little yellow mug from last Christmas and have never used it, then I thought.. “It’s yellow, my favorite color, and has an art theme to it…so why not add it to the array of other trinkets, right?” I also picked up some new brushes (the blue and red ones) to add to my collection. I decided to get a chisel tip and a round brush. I used these new brushes and I like them a lot!!


I finally went to a craft/art store again! I was really happy about going and I got some new markers, paint pens, brushes and canvases! I also drew an old lady at the store, she had a lot of character and was fun to draw!


These are the new Copics I got, and I also got a new uniball pen for highlighting!

I hope you enjoyed this update post, sorry about the delay. Because I have been so delayed, I decided to post tomorrow for you all. Thanks for reading, and I will talk to you all later.

See you tomorrow!


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Painting with gouache+attempting semi realism??

Helllooo!!!! Today I am testing Holbein gouache and I got some cute pastel colors and some primary colors. 🎨🖌

I recently got these little gouache paints and I just used them today because I haven’t had really had time to paint with them. (More like…. I was to scared to paint with them)

I also got some porcelain pots to have a easier time mixing the paints. It was so satisfing to see the paints all mixed up on the pots and oh myyy it was so cool!

Also, I tried semi realism because I thought it would help as I would layer everything. I found it fun layering the paints and it was surprisingly really relaxing.

424F50F1-8636-4360-B8A4-F61C217604ACHere is a little sneak peak of the pot. Or pan? It was so satisfying to see it come together and look how dang pretty those paints look like!! (Sorry, it’s a little messy but it’s cooolll)


7A7532FC-1DB4-4615-9893-1F80B6A54F86894A531F-D6CF-479B-A2CC-CA8B2609B36FHere are the paints I got, I got the primary set and just a few little separate tubes. I wanted to get some pastels other than just bright primary’s. The pastel gouache is more of an acrylic based gouache I think. Don’t quote me on that though, I’m not sure.

B42F299B-27FB-430A-9BF2-C058CC9D0B8F4803A0E1-333B-464E-B41E-C727EE0FE743I had so much fun working with this gouache. It was such a great experience and it really helped me to expand my medium knowledge!!


Also… did you notice that I got a new desk? Finally I don’t have to use that crappy little plastic one….I had to use my yellow wrapping paper so no one would see the scrapes and mess. But hey, it was worth it, right?

thank you so much for reading this and I will talk to ya soon! Byeeee!


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Hey! Welcome back to a shorter post.

Today I just wanted to share with you some drawings I created.

I wanted to just doodle and have some fun, so I used my travel watercolor set and tried to mix up some pastel tones. I wanted to give it a cute little look so I decided to go with pastel colors.


I thought adding a bright yellow to the girls sweater to give this piece a pop of bright color!


I love doodling and drawing cats and girls in huge sweaters so I enjoyed to be in my comfort zone today. Its always good to draw what you want and enjoy what is special to you.

Thank you so much for reading!!!

See you soon!